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We can Transfer Your Home Movies from almost any Tape or Film to DVD or other Digital Formats

Tape Transfers

VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, and MiniDV

Up to 2 hr    ... 35.00

Over 2 hr.   ... 10.00 Per Extra Hour

Plus DVD

Film Transfer

8mm and Super8 Film

.22 per foot            plus DVD

Minimum 50.00 Order

Note: A 3" Reel = 50 ft,    5"=200 ft,      6" = 300 ft,      7" = 400 ft

DVD and Flash Media Pricing

DVD's in Jewel Cases, only 5.00 each

We've separated the cost of media from the transfer cost in order to provide the best solutions at the lowest price. Many of our customers prefer several DVD copies of the same movies, while other customers only want the movies stored on Flash or Hard Drives.

DVD or Flash Media

It is highly recommended that all home movies be stored on multiple formats.

DVDs are great for watching on TV, but simply are NOT good choices to preserve your movies!~

We can help you choose the best storage media based on your specific needs.

Transfer Those Old Tapes and Films While They're Still Good

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